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Founded with the principle to provide real estate investors with opportunities to make high-return investments by directly lending to commercial developers, Admiral Realty Capital provides project planning, fund management and construction finance services in collaboration with qualified borrowers and online collective financing platforms.

As your trusted navigator in locating and managing opportunity while taking calculated risks, our objective is to present solid and well-thought-out solutions for the real estate finance eco-system. The offerings we design and manage enable the professionals in the industry to have an alternative to banks for financing ground-up construction, while presenting our investors with sound and rewarding opportunities that stand beyond the smaller fix-and-flip deals that oversaturate the crowdfunding space.

The meticulously planned deals we present to our partners have two very simple aims:

  • Timely profits
  • Above-market returns

The masterly use of time – makes the meaning and creates value.

Only through the procuring of a significant interest, the amount of time an investor spends to find and attend a deal, as well as the amount of time her/his initial capital sits in the deal can be compensated and rationalized.

Claude Lorrain’s 1639 “Port de Mer au Soleil Couchant”

Shipowners of the mercantilist early modern age expected the captains of their merchantmen and whaler vessels to return to their homeport in a given period of time upon circumnavigating the globe, with the highest amount of profit or oil-filled barrels. Racing against time to complete the homeward-bound voyage duly, the masters improved their navigation and sailing technologies.

Through a detail-and-profit-oriented due diligence work, conducted with leading underwriting experts, legal counsel, civil engineers and construction project managers the Admiral crew is able to calculate solid return rates that would make our clients’ investment journeys worthwhile.

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We fundamentally improve on traditional real estate investing models. We are a steward of our investors’ capital and are committed to offering more transparent, efficient ownership in high-quality commercial real estate opportunities.

Our collective lending strategy follows the tried and true underwriting rules: having a conservative appraisal, prepared by a third party entity that is licensed and bonded to confirm the true value of property; having impeccable loan documents prepared by seasoned legal experts; and finally qualifying and vetting the borrower. 

By combining the conservatism of debt financing methodology with the efficiency of cutting-edge online collective financing platform technologies, we optimize the return-on-investment rates, developers’ capital use and the duration of loan terms, and generate business plans that benefit the lender and the borrower at the same time.

Based on these principles, our current private placements offer loans that are secured by a first trust deed on the property, and a highly competitive 8.5% targeted return over an investment period of 12-months.* 

Why need an alternative to banks?

While banks are still the first door to knock on for most developers, in most cases, they do not prefer to lend money to construction projects regardless of the location, value of the  project’s property or the experience level of the developer. If a developer can even obtain a loan from a bank there are countless constraints on the loan terms, lengthy approval processes and the requirement of a high amount of equity capital.

In today’s world it is not only the developers who seek to find a better lender than a bank. Thousands of high-net-worth individuals around the globe seek to find a solid yet profitable investment source that can put their savings to work.

Banks may seem like the go-to solution for those who do not want to deal with complicated investment instruments or stock brokers whose only priority is their commission. Stock and bond values fluctuate in response to the activities of individual companies in addition to general market and economic conditions., while CDs and Money Market Funds historically pay low yields. Albeit seeming a safe and stable way to go, banks’ low returns too often cannot even match the inflation.

Real estate securities have outperformed many other asset classes over the past five years. Historically, real estate securities have paid higher-than-average income and provided investors with an opportunity to diversify their portfolios. The primary objective of the offerings designed by the Admiral Realty Capital crew is to generate high-interest returns along with preservation of initial capital. In that regard, our funds’ exclusively target deals that include high-yield commercial real estate development deals, the properties of which are secured by first deeds of trust.

The material herein does not constitute an offer to sell nor is it a solicitation of an offer to purchase any security. Offers for the sale will only be made to investors, who meet certain suitability standards, pursuant to the Admiral Real Estate Fund V, LLC Offering Circular. 

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